"Never let your current circumstances stop you from achieving your dreams."

Hi, I’m Jacqueline and I’m an activist and change agent


I believe passionately in inclusivity for all in politics, no matter your race, ability, religious beliefs, sexuality or gender. My belief is that we should always stand up for the underrepresented in society, in order to evolve policies and to make them more effective for the people they serve. 


I am a mixed-race girl who grew up in the socio-economically deprived inner city  estates of Brixton. From a very young age I became passionate about speaking up for the injustices in my community. Poverty and violence were rife and I became determined to create new opportunities for over young people like me. In 2014, I was elected to represent over 50,000 young people as the 1st ever female Youth Mayor for the London Borough of Lambeth with an unprecedented 1,756 votes directly from young people. This was the beginning of my political activism and the beginning of my advocacy for women and underrepresented voices in politics and decision making. 


I dedicate my time to pushing forward and educating others on identity, race and gender. Balancing my student duties, I occasionally speak on panels and share my experiences and thoughts on changing leadership with leading publications like GQ Magazine, Forbes,  Metro and Virgin. I recently hosted my first Talkshow on Women and Leadership on Youtube. 

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This is a very early version of my website and I hope to develop it in the years to come with more content and forward thinking ideas to help build a community of togetherness and societal change. 


My hope is that by sharing my story and experiences, others are inspired to make changes, to learn and to reach out so that we can help more people and create more opportunities for underrepresented voices in the UK workforce, media and places of power. 


Lots of love,